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Tenant Representation



Tenant representation is a specialized service in commercial real estate that focuses on the needs and interests of tenants rather than landlords. It's particularly crucial in the restaurant and food & beverage sector, where the choice of location, lease terms, and operational specifics can significantly impact business success. Tenant representatives are advocates for businesses, ensuring they secure properties that not only meet their current needs but also support future growth and success.


For restaurants and food & beverage businesses, the stakes are even higher. The industry demands specific location attributes such as high visibility, appropriate foot traffic, and demographic suitability. Additionally, factors like kitchen layout, venting, grease trap permitting, dining space, parking facilities, and zoning laws play a critical role. A tenant representative understands these unique requirements and navigates the complex commercial real estate market to find properties that align with them.



What sets Jimmy Carey apart in the realm of tenant representation is a deep-rooted, hands-on experience in the restaurant and hospitality industry, spanning 37 years. Having owned and operated five successful restaurants in the Atlanta and Miami markets, I bring a perspective that goes beyond mere real estate transactions. This experience provides me with an intimate understanding of what restaurant and food & beverage business owners need and the challenges they face.


My journey through the industry, from being an executive chef to a restaurateur, has equipped me with insights into the nuances of restaurant operations, customer expectations, and market dynamics. This unique background allows me to offer tailored advice and solutions to my clients. When I evaluate potential locations for clients, I do so with an eye for operational efficiency, customer appeal, and long-term business viability.


This hands-on experience, combined with my real estate expertise, means I can offer clients a comprehensive service package. I understand the significance of each element in the leasing process – from kitchen design to dining area layout, parking logistics to lease negotiations. My clients benefit from a representative who speaks their language, understands their business from the inside out, and is dedicated to finding them a space that is not just a location, but a foundation for their business success.

This blend of industry-specific experience and real estate acumen is what makes Jimmy Carey's tenant representation services uniquely effective, particularly for those in the restaurant and food & beverage sectors.


Defining your needs | Research all available properties | Study alternative markets

Preview properties before showing them to you | Provide you with both financial and market analysis

Strategize lease options | Prepare an optimal offer | Negotiate for YOU - be YOUR guide & advocate | Review Lease

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