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Jimmy Carey Commercial Real Estate

Jimmy Carey Commercial Real Estate and Restaurant Consulting Atlanta

Jimmy Carey
Food & Beverage Specialist

Coldwell Banker Commercial Metro Brokers
5775 Glenridge Drive Building D, 

Suite 200 
Atlanta, GA 30328

Office:  (678) 406-8478

Alt:       (678) 320-4800



At the heart of Jimmy Carey's current professional journey is his role as a devoted Commercial Real Estate Agent with Coldwell Banker Commercial Metro Brokers, focusing on Restaurant, Retail, and Tenant representation in the dynamic Atlanta market. Leveraging over 30 years of industry experience, Jimmy seamlessly merges his extensive background in the Food & Beverage business with a keen focus on contemporary Real Estate dynamics.

Jimmy Carey's narrative begins in the vibrant backdrop of New York City’s Greenwich Village, born to American-Irish and Cuban parents. His culinary journey unfolds with influences enriched during his early years growing up in Puerto Rico, absorbing a diverse fusion of Spanish and Caribbean flavors. Transitioning to Miami in the late '80s for culinary education at Johnson and Wales University, Jimmy broadened his proficiency and leadership in esteemed 5-star Luxury Hotels, High-End Fine Dining, acclaimed National Prime Steakhouses, and Brasserie Le Coze, affiliated with Le Bernardin in NYC. His role as Chef for English actor Sir Michael Caine at South Beach Brasserie further enriched his culinary and management skill set.


Realizing a long-held dream, Jimmy opened his first restaurant, Jimmy’z Kitchen, in chic South Beach in 2007. This marked the onset of expansion, with four additional locations in Miami and Atlanta. A trailblazer in the Miami Wynwood Arts District, Jimmy established his flagship restaurant in 2010, contributing significantly to Wynwood's transformation into a globally sought-after tourist destination. Pioneering the chef-inspired fast-casual concept in Miami, he gained acclaim for his Latin-inspired, healthy, and delectable culinary offerings.


Beyond culinary accomplishments, Jimmy has been involved in numerous TV shows, cooking demos, guest panelist, prestigious events like the Food Network & Cooking Channel-South Beach Wine & Food Festival, and the Emmy Award-winning documentary "Buen Provecho," exploring Florida's Spanish food roots. Recognized by platforms like Zagat and Eater Miami, Jimmy's passion for the Food & Beverage Business and commitment to excellence shine through.


In his current role as a Professional Commercial Real Estate Agent, specializing in Restaurant and Tenant representation in Atlanta, Jimmy showcases his dedication to staying at the industry forefront. At the helm of Jimmy Carey Commercial Real Estate, his commitment to excellence, innovative spirit, and customer satisfaction continue to set him apart as a truly exceptional professional in the dynamic world of Real Estate.

Why Jimmy Carey Commercial Real Estate?

In the realm of Atlanta's dynamic commercial real estate landscape, Jimmy Carey, a distinguished Commercial Real Estate Agent with Jimmy Carey Commercial Real Estate, stands out as a seasoned professional, particularly renowned for his expertise in Restaurant Sales. With an impressive track record spanning over three decades, Jimmy's commitment to clients is marked by an unwavering dedication and a personalized approach that sets him apart in the competitive market.


Jimmy's comprehensive understanding of both the Food & Beverage business and the intricate dynamics of real estate positions him as a trusted advisor for clients seeking success in Atlanta's bustling Restaurant Sales sector. Accessibility is a cornerstone of Jimmy's client relationships, ensuring that he remains responsive and available for any questions, strategy sessions, or concerns that may arise during the course of a transaction.


Clear communication is another hallmark of Jimmy's approach. His ability to convey complex information in a transparent and understandable manner fosters a sense of trust and collaboration with his clients. Meticulous attention to detail is woven into every aspect of Jimmy's service. From thorough market analyses that delve into supply and demand, demographic trends, and economic indicators to a meticulous due diligence process, Jimmy ensures that every nuance is carefully examined.


In the competitive field of Restaurant Sales, Jimmy's expertise shines through during negotiations. He places the interests of his clients at the forefront, employing a client-centric negotiation style that aims not just for a deal but for the most favorable terms possible. As a result, Jimmy Carey has become the go-to professional for those navigating the intricacies of Atlanta's Restaurant Sales market.

For clients seeking success in commercial real estate transactions, especially in the context of Atlanta Restaurant Sales and listings, Jimmy Carey's commitment, accessibility, clear communication, attention to detail, and expertise make him a trusted partner and advisor.


Jimmy Carey Commercial Real Estate Restaurant for sale Atlanta
Jimmy Carey Commercial Real Estate Restaurant for sale Atlanta
Jimmy Carey Commercial Real Estate Restaurant for sale Atlanta
Jimmy Carey Commercial Real Estate Restaurant for sale Atlanta

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