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🔥 Turnkey Mexican Restaurant Asset Sale! 🔥

Updated: Jun 16

Snatch Up This Incredible Opportunity in Little Five Points, Atlanta!

**This is an Asset Sale, Books or Financials will NOT be provided**

Bright red painted Mexican restaurant located in the Little Five Points area of Atlanta listed by Jimmy Carey Commercial Real Estate
Jimmy Carey Commercial Real Estate

Transform or keep this space into a bustling, energetic hotspot for Mexican food lovers. Ideal for both seasoned restaurateurs and passionate newcomers ready to dive into the restaurant scene.


Patio entrance of Mexican restaurant with bright red paint listed by Jimmy Carey Commercial Real Estate
Jimmy Carey Commercial Real Estate

 Priced at-  $159,000 (Motivated Seller)

 Rent-  $7,000 Size-  Spacious 2,500 square feet Location-  Centrally located in the heart of Little Five Points


Prime Spot-  Nestled in the vibrant Little Five Points, surrounded by the trendy Inman Park, Edgewood, Candler Park, and Poncey-Highland neighborhoods.

Fully Loaded-  Includes all Furniture, Fixtures, and Equipment (FF&E) you need.

Chef’s Dream-  Expansive kitchen with a 20-foot hood, walk-in cooler & freezer, built for high volume.

Margarita Bar-  The 10-seat bar area is inviting, making it a perfect spot for patrons to unwind.

Chill Vibes-  Enjoy dual front and back exterior patios perfect for private parties.

Dine in Style-  Seats up to 100 guests comfortably.

Easy Access- 25 convenient parking spaces for hassle-free visits.

Eye-Catching-  In-your-face street frontage and signage opportunity for maximum visibility.

Ready to Roll-  Start serving delicious Mexican cuisine or bring your own Concept from day one with a fully equipped kitchen and dining area.

Bright colored Mexican Restaurant Margarita Bar listed by Jimmy Carey Commercial Real Estate
Jimmy Carey Commercial Real Estate

Discover an Incredible Opportunity: Turnkey Mexican Restaurant Asset Sale in Little Five Points, Atlanta

If you’ve been on the lookout for a prime commercial real estate investment, especially in the vibrant and eclectic neighborhood of Little Five Points, Atlanta, this is your moment. The sale of a fully equipped Mexican restaurant offers a rare chance to own a piece of Atlanta’s dynamic dining scene. With Jimmy Carey Commercial Real Estate handling the transaction, this listing stands out among the many restaurants for sale. Let’s delve into why this opportunity is truly exceptional and why it’s garnering so much attention from restaurant brokers and potential investors.

Mexican restaurant seating area with bright yellow and red colors listed by Jimmy Carey Commercial Real Estate in Atlanta
Jimmy Carey Commercial Real Estate

Prime Location: Little Five Points, Atlanta

Little Five Points is one of Atlanta’s most unique and lively neighborhoods. Known for its bohemian vibe and artistic community, it’s a hotspot for both locals and tourists. The restaurant's location in this bustling area means a constant flow of foot traffic from nearby popular neighborhoods such as Inman Park, Edgewood, Candler Park, and Poncey-Highland. These neighborhoods are celebrated for their vibrant atmospheres and diverse, eclectic populations, ensuring a steady stream of customers.

Positioned at the heart of Little Five Points, this restaurant benefits from high visibility and excellent street frontage. The neighborhood’s reputation for supporting local businesses and its status as a cultural and commercial hub make it an ideal location for any restaurant. The prominent signage opportunities available with this property are just the cherry on top, ensuring that your establishment will stand out and attract attention.

Mexican restaurant with chandelier and bright earth tone colors listed by Jimmy Carey Commercial Real Estate
Jimmy Carey Commercial Real Estate

Fully Equipped and Ready to Operate

One of the most significant advantages of this listing is that it’s fully equipped and ready for immediate operation. All Furniture, Fixtures, and Equipment (FF&E) are included in the sale, making it a turnkey solution for any entrepreneur looking to dive into the restaurant business without the hassle of outfitting the space from scratch.

The kitchen is a chef’s dream, featuring a spacious layout with a 20-foot hood, walk-in cooler, and walk-in freezer. These facilities are designed to handle high-volume production, making it perfect for serving up delicious Mexican cuisine to a large number of guests. The extensive kitchen setup ensures that you can start cooking from day one, providing a seamless transition into restaurant ownership.

Commercial restaurant kitchen with 20 foot hood and commercial kitchen equipment listed by Jimmy Carey Commercial Real Estate in Atlanta
Jimmy Carey Commercial Real Estate

Chic and Stylish Bar Area

The bar area is a standout feature of this property. With seating for 10, it’s designed to be both chic and inviting. The modern decor and comfortable seating make it an attractive spot for patrons to unwind, enjoy a drink, and socialize. Fully stocked and equipped to serve an extensive array of beverages, from classic cocktails to specialty drinks, this bar is sure to become a favorite hangout for locals and visitors alike.

The bar area also serves as a significant revenue booster. High-margin drinks and the potential for extended service hours can significantly enhance profitability. The social ambiance of the bar encourages guests to linger longer, enjoy conversations, and indulge in the vibrant atmosphere, further driving sales and customer loyalty.

Foyer receiving area of a Mexican Restaurant with host stand listed by Jimmy Carey Commercial Real Estate in Atlanta
Jimmy Carey Commercial Real Estate

Spacious and Inviting Dining Area

This restaurant offers a generous 2,500 square feet of space, comfortably seating up to 100 guests. The inviting dining area includes a charming exterior patio and a cozy front patio, providing versatile seating options that cater to different preferences and dining experiences. Whether it’s an intimate dinner for two or a large gathering of friends, this restaurant can accommodate it all.

The layout is designed to create a welcoming and comfortable environment. The strategic use of space ensures that the dining area feels open and inviting, while still providing enough room for guests to move around comfortably. The ambiance is further enhanced by thoughtfully designed lighting that creates a warm and welcoming environment.

Mosaic tile in Mexican restaurant bathroom wall with bright yellow paint listed by Jimmy Carey Commercial Real Estate
Jimmy Carey Commercial Real Este

Convenient Parking and High Visibility

In addition to its prime location and fully equipped kitchen, this property offers the convenience of 25 dedicated parking spaces. This ensures that guests have a hassle-free experience, which is a significant advantage in a bustling area like Little Five Points. Easy access to parking can be a major draw for customers, making it more likely they will choose your restaurant over others with less convenient options.

High visibility is another crucial selling point. The property boasts prominent street frontage and excellent signage opportunities. This high visibility ensures that your restaurant will attract a constant stream of customers, driving foot traffic and increasing brand recognition.

Why This Restaurant is a Must-Have Investment

There are several reasons why this turnkey Mexican restaurant asset sale is a must-have for any serious investor:

  1. Prime Location: Situated in the heart of Little Five Points, surrounded by popular neighborhoods, ensuring a steady flow of diverse patrons.

  2. Turnkey Operation: Fully equipped and ready to operate from day one, saving you time and money.

  3. Stylish Bar Area: Designed to impress and boost revenue through high-margin drinks and extended service hours.

  4. Spacious Dining: Accommodates up to 100 guests with versatile seating options, including exterior and front patios.

  5. Convenient Parking: 25 dedicated parking spaces ensure hassle-free access for guests.

  6. High Visibility: Excellent street frontage and signage opportunities to attract a constant stream of customers.

Imagine the Possibilities

Owning a restaurant in such a vibrant and eclectic area opens up a world of possibilities. Little Five Points is known for its support of local businesses and its energetic atmosphere, making it an ideal place to launch or expand a restaurant venture. The turnkey nature of this sale means you can start operating immediately, tapping into the thriving market without delay.

The potential for growth is immense. With ample space and a versatile layout, you can expand and customize the restaurant to reflect your unique vision and brand. The bar area offers opportunities for hosting events, live music, and other entertainment options that can further enhance the restaurant’s appeal and draw in regular crowds.

The Role of Jimmy Carey Commercial Real Estate

Jimmy Carey Commercial Real Estate is renowned for its expertise in handling commercial properties, particularly restaurants for sale. Their extensive experience and industry knowledge ensure that you’re in good hands throughout the transaction process. They understand the nuances of the restaurant business and can provide valuable insights and advice to help you make the most of this investment opportunity.

Why Choose Little Five Points?

Little Five Points stands out as one of Atlanta’s most unique neighborhoods. Its artistic vibe, diverse population, and vibrant street life make it an attractive destination for both locals and tourists. Investing in a restaurant here means becoming part of a community that values creativity, diversity, and local business.

The neighborhood’s eclectic nature ensures a broad customer base, from young professionals and families to artists and tourists. This diversity means that there’s always a steady stream of potential customers looking for new dining experiences. The strong sense of community support for local businesses in Little Five Points also means that your restaurant will be welcomed and supported.

Commercial mexican restaurant kitchen with commercial kitchen equipment and 20 foot hood listed by Jimmy Carey Commercial Real Estate
Jimmy Carey Commercial Real Estate

Act Now – This Opportunity Won’t Last Long

Commercial real estate opportunities like this don’t come around often, especially in such a prime location. The combination of a turnkey operation, prime location, and extensive amenities makes this Mexican restaurant asset sale an exceptional investment. Whether you’re a seasoned restaurateur or an aspiring entrepreneur, this is your chance to make a significant impact in Atlanta’s dynamic dining scene.

For more information or to schedule a viewing, please contact Jimmy Carey Commercial Real Estate at:

📞 305-788-8207 📧

Jimmy Carey Commercial Real Estate logo with chef hat and bright orange neckerchief.
Jimmy Carey Commercial Real Estate

Don’t miss out on this fantastic opportunity to own a piece of Atlanta’s thriving dining scene. Act now and turn your restaurant dreams into reality!

Investing in restaurants for sale, particularly in high-demand areas like Little Five Points, Atlanta, is a strategic move that promises substantial returns. With the guidance of experienced restaurant brokers and the backing of Jimmy Carey Commercial Real Estate, this opportunity is poised to become a cornerstone of your investment portfolio. Seize the moment and take the first step towards owning a successful restaurant in one of Atlanta’s most vibrant neighborhoods.


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